A Game Plan – Spread the Word!

Hopefully by now you have an idea of what you want to change, and maybe you have some ideas on how to change. As time progresses we’ll come up with more ideas, motivation, and inspiration that will guide you in your new mission.

So you’re taking charge. You have an idea of what you want to change and maybe even how you’re gonna do it. What’s next?
Tell everyone you know.
Tell your friends, your family, your hairdresser, and the guy down the street. Post it on Facebook, tweet about it and blog about it. Let people know about the changes you want to make.
The reasoning is twofold:
  1. If you didn’t tell anyone and just decided to give up, it would be easy. But knowing how many people you would disappoint by giving up can be enough incentive to keep going. You wouldn’t want to let them all down, would you?
  2. Some of the people you tell will become a support group for you. They can motivate you and encourage you when things get hard. They can give you a kick in the butt when you start slacking off. They’ll hold you accountable and keep you going. And that support can be invaluable.
So what if you don’t have people to talk to about this? Or what if what you want to change is too private, and you don’t want to share it with people you’re close to? What if the people you tell don’t seem very supportive, and maybe even criticize you for making the decision?
Well, as I stated way back in the beginning, the beauty of today’s society is how easy it is to connect with other people, no matter where they live or what they do. So go online. No matter what you’re looking to change, there will be support groups and forums to help you in your journey. I’ve listed some below to get you started. If your changes are on the specific side, do a search. Something is bound to turn up.
Another option is to hit the library. Many national organizations have local chapters that can help you in your mission, especially if it falls into a popular category such as losing weight. The library may also have information on seminars and classes that can give you more information and guidance as you proceed.
An added benefit of online forums and other support groups is the wealth of knowledge their members can provide. Many of the people you’ll interact with have been on their journey a lot longer than you have. They can offer not only support but information, guidance and additional resources. Even if you have friends and family who offer support, you may want to check out these groups as well for the added benefits.
Online forums to get you started
Making a Difference
To find more forums, just visit google.com and search for forum: (topic). Happy hunting!

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