Your Career: Online Help

Whether you’re looking for ideas, applying for jobs, or looking for assistance with resumes, interview strategies and more, the internet is a valuable tool. As stated previously, there are many sites that can get you started if you’re looking for a little guidance regarding your career path. The help doesn’t stop there, though.

Job Search
When it comes to searching for jobs themselves, many sites will offer listings of available jobs, especially if it relates somewhat to the site’s content. The largest number of jobs, however, can usually be found on the larger, general job-posting sites. You can check out:

If you have a specific industry or area you want to work in, you can also search for industry-specific or location-specific sites that can offer more specialized search tools and resources.

General Information
In addition to job listings, the sites above offer additional resources, such as articles on resume writing and interview skills, that can provide information and guidance in your search. Other sites also offer information in these areas and more. Here are some to get you started:

Forums can be helpful, especially when it comes to specific questions or up-to-the-minute updates and information. You can search for forums regarding a specific topic or industry by heading to your favorite search engine and searching for forum: topic or industry. (Obviously replace “topic or industry” with the actual topic or industry you’re searching for!) Below are some general career forums to get you started:

Forums can also offer support and feedback in your career path and overall career goals. This is especially useful if you’re feeling isolated in your journey or feel that others around you don’t understand what you’re going through.

Other Resources
In addition to website and forums, there are other electronic tools that can offer help and inspiration. You can also check out podcasts, online magazines, apps and more. Search your favorite electronic device to get ideas.


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