Making a Difference: Online Help

Helping others can be as local or as broad as you’d like it to be. And online resources can help you in your quest, whether it’s locating organizations to help or researching a charity before donating. While many individual organizations or charities have their own websites, you can also find general sites that will guide you in your goals.

Where to Help
If you’re unsure where to start, these sites can help. You can find charities and organizations and get matched with the right ones for you.

Charity Ratings
It’s an unfortunate reality that in this day and age not all organizations are reputable. Some scammers will post as charitable organizations, looking to pilfer your money. Before donating, check out the following sites that will give you the info n the charities you’re looking to invest in:

These sites can also help guide you in finding a charity if you haven’t yet selected one.

Helping the World
In this global community, it’s easier than ever to connect with people around the world. And that means it’s also easier to help people around the world. If this is your goal, the internet is here to help. The sites below are just some of the many that can link you to organizations helping our global neighbors.:

Obviously this is just a beginning when it comes to making a difference online. You’re only limited by your imagination and resources! If you’re interested in a specific type of organization, using your favorite search engine can bring up several excellent choices. Just be sure to check them out before donating.


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