Making a Difference: Community Organizations

If you’re looking to make a regular, lasting impression on others, you may want to look into community organizations. Participating in a community organization can give you the opportunity to use your time and skills to help others through programs and fundraising. And you can be involved over a long period of time, continuing to help even once a specific program or fundraising event has ended.

Organizations vary widely, from groups focused on a specific need such as medical care (i.e. Doctors Without Borders), to those working to solve a specific problem (i.e. American Cancer Society), to those serving a broad range of needs and problems (i.e. Amnesty International). The most important thing is to partner up with an organization whose mission and goals meet your own. If animals are important to you, for example, working with your local Humane Society may be your best choice.

Below are a few organizations to get you started. Your local community may have many additional choices for you. Ask at your local library or do an internet search to find organizations in your area.

You may also want to look into organizations in your area that serve a specific population, such as people with disabilities, victims of domestic abuse, children, illiterate adults, the homeless, or the unemployed.

Sadly, I recommend researching any organizations you haven’t heard of before looking to participate. You wouldn’t want to get dragged into a scam. But most organizations you’ll encounter are reputable and will greatly appreciate the help you’re willing to give.


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