Making a Difference: Donating

Money is necessary for just about everything these days. And not having money can put you at a serious disadvantage — just ask people without homes, without proper medical care, without food or clean water. Or, looking beyond basic needs, ask researchers trying to make breakthroughs in medicine, students without money for college, or organizations trying to bring relief to areas hit by natural disasters.

If you happen to have extra money, and you want to help others with it, there are plenty of people and organizations who would be more than happy to take it off your hands. Donating money can make you feel good, give you a tax break (get a receipt!), and, most importantly, help those in need.

Money isn’t the only thing you can donate, however. Products and services are also welcomed by many groups and organizations. You can donate food to a local food bank, for example, or prizes to be raffled off by fundraising groups. Care packages can be sent to those in the military or students away at college. You can donate used clothing, cell phones, even furniture.

If you’re not able to donate yourself, you can also try fundraising for a cause. Some organizations will sponsor walk-a-thons or other fundraising events where people can sponsor you to raise money for that organization. Or you can raise funds on a smaller scale with a group or organization you already belong to. Bake sales, fairs, can drives, and more can help bring in money that you can then donate to a cause that’s near and dear to your heart. You can also help an organization raise money by organizing fundraising events or gathering donations.

Check out the Online Help post to get some guidance on where to donate or do some research on your own to find an organization that’s meaningful to you. Don’t forget local groups such as schools, churches, scouts, social services departments, nursing homes, homeless shelters, and more.


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