Your Career: Temp Jobs

Whether it’s covering someone’s vacation or helping out during the busy holiday season, a temporary job can serve many purposes:

  • Provide extra income
  • Offer experience to boost your resume
  • Teach you new skills
  • Fill in gaps in employment
  • Give you an opportunity to help others

To find these temporary positions, you can partner with an employment agency, ask friends and family, or simply check out job listings. During the holidays many companies seek out extra workers to help them get through the busy season. But year-found you can find opportunities to cover associates who are out, help with special projects, or provide additional coverage for busy times. You can also create your own temporary jobs by finding a need and filling it (i.e. odd jobs such as yard clean-up, painting, etc.).

Depending on your availability, options may be limited. Retail is a popular choice, as it offers wide availability when it comes to hours. Chances are pretty high that you can find something that will work with whatever job or family obligations you already have. But there are plenty of other options, as well. Below are some ideas depending on your skills or time of year:


  • Retail – holiday rush
  • Shoveling / Snow removal


  • Yard clean-up / Landscaping


  • Landscaping
  • Pool set-ups
  • Lifeguarding
  • Summer camps


  • Retail – Halloween seasonal
  • Yard clean-up / Landscaping
  • Gutter cleaning

Year-round Ideas

  • Computer/technical assistance
  • Office assistance
  • House, garage, or yard cleaning
  • Construction
  • Painting
  • Babysitting
  • Housesitting
  • Petsitting
  • Delivering newspapers or phone books

Of course what you’re qualified for and what is available will vary widely depending on your skill set and where you’re located. Keep your eyes and mind open to come up with more ideas or find an opportunity that works for you.


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