About This Blog

A Life You Want is all about taking charge and getting happy! If you are experiencing discontent in your life, find the motivation and inspiration to create the life you want. From general information to inspiring words, the posts and pages that comprise this blog will help you on your journey.

For the sake of this blog, life changes have been broken up into five categories:

  • Health
  • Making a Difference
  • Career
  • Money
  • Relationships

Motivation and inspiration posts may touch on one of these categories, or offer general guidance to help you no matter what you seek to change.

Questions? Comments? Need extra help? Comment on any of the posts, or follow us on Facebook.


A Note to Readers:

Due to a hosting server change, this blog was lost at the beginning of 2016. The first year’s posts are currently being recreated, then new posts will be written. Original posts will be appearing in rapid succession. New posts will then be published on a weekly basis.

The first year’s worth of posts as also been compiled and edited for easier readability into paperback and e-book formats. They can be found online through Amazon here.


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