Making a Difference: Volunteering

A simple way to make a difference in a hands-on kind of way is to volunteer. And the good news is that no matter what’s important to you, you can find an opportunity to help that meets your priorities. Many groups and organizations use volunteers to get things done and meet their goals, from political groups to health organizations.

Volunteer opportunities will vary widely. Some groups may need help organizing an event. Some may need help with phone calls or paperwork. Others may need help with physical work such as construction, landscaping, moving, etc. You can find an opportunity that suits you, no matter what your strengths may be.

You can find a group to help via several methods: online, cold calls, or even ads.

Online you’ll find several sites to help you find opportunities. Below are a few to get you started:

You can also check out an organization’s website to get information about the organization and any volunteer opportunities they may have.

If there’s a specific group or organization you’re interested in helping, your best bet may be to just call the organization. If they have a need for volunteers, they will let you know, or at least direct you to the person to speak with. You can also discuss with the volunteer coordinator exactly what you’re interested in doing. An organization may have different needs that you can choose from.

Some organizations will advertise when they need volunteers, either in general or for a specific event or activity. You can find these ads in local newspapers or in the organization’s newsletter or website. Some may even advertise around the community via signage. Keep your eyes open to find opportunities.


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